Security Design

We are specialists in the creation and production of security documents: notarized sheets, income certifications, university diplomas, credentials, certification wafers, among many others.

These documents contain a highly complex design, which we carry out exclusively for each client and project, with sophisticated software (equivalent to that used in different mints around the world), for which our design team is trained at an international level.

Security Printing

The high-resolution pre-printing system, calibrated online printing and complementary production processes, including verification and control by cameras and specialized programs, are exclusively prepared for the production of documentation of very diverse characteristics and have a wide range of anti-counterfeiting and adulteration security measures.

We use these security measures on documents for some of these institutions:

  • Notary Associations
  • Universities and Educational Institutions.
  • Government Agencies (national, provincial and municipal level)
  • Professional Associations: Economic Sciences, Engineers, Translators, Auctioneers, etc.
  • Property Registries, Automotive Registries, other registries.
  • Private companies (for game events, marketing activities, tickets for shows and others).
  • Institutions, NGOs and Associations of different kind.

& Safekeeping


Digitization is a process through which a paper document -with its complete corresponding procedureis transformed into a digital document of the highest level of security, because it will have its proper backup in physical form with holographic signatures.

This process includes reception (or withdrawal) of the documentation, logistics of distribution, scanning with powerful equipment of high speed and image quality, indexing of the data for its subsequent search, the necessary quality control and the delivery of information in digital format to the client, with various data delivery formats. This benefit is complemented by the Custody and Storage service in the Vault.

Safekeeping / Archive

We know how important security is; and with this in mind we work for our clients. For this reason, we incorporated custody and storage in a high-security vault into our services: ready-to-use products are kept under unique security standards in the market, waiting to be put into circulation.

We provide this same service for documents that have already been completed and signed, and that need to be protected not only from criminal agents who may attempt to adulterate, steal or damage the documentation, but also from natural agents that may affect them when adequate space and storage conditions are not met.

Stock Management

We reach the entire country, including Tierra del Fuego and neighboring countries, to ensure the reliable and safe transportation of each document to the final destination of each client. In some cases shipping is carried out with our own transport and in other cases with agencies associated with the firm.

Document Destruction

This service is for clients who need to securely destroy documentation because it is obsolete, expired or unusable. We carry out the destruction of documentation mechanically (cut), ensuring the complete annulment of the content of any document, with the corresponding notarial certification.


IT Solutions

This service consists of the design of digital documents with a security system to back up the information with the possibility of using Blockchain technology. This benefit can be combined with
other services such as document digitization and/or the use of Troy® printers with paper support.

The greatest security guarantee known up to now is in the combination of computer and analogous or physical methods, which is why the integration of both systems optimizes security and speeds up usability.

Smart Documents

Smart QR codes secure both physical and digital documents and are impossible to alter or falsify because they use Blockchain technology, which allows saving a #hash and thus preserving important

Applying these QRs to traditional documents allow us to safeguard databases, the content of the document, carry out a universal verification with mobile devices, preserve the value of the document holders and take care of the issuing authorities’ reputation.

Consulting &
Associate Services


We provide training to Government and Institutional Organizations.
It is a training service on authentication and detection of adulteration in security documents with and without instruments; in order to provide all the necessary knowledge to those responsible for the verification and control of documents in their respective capacities.


We provide comprehensive advice on physical and digital document security.
It is an expert advisory service in the prevention of documentary fraud. We have an interdisciplinary work team, specialized in the correct balance in the implementation of security elements and layers according to the needs and protection of our clients. We also provide advice on documentary security to Forensic Examiners.

Laboratory Service

We provide an Expertise service on Questioned Documents and Extrajudicial Private Reports. This is an after-sales service provided by our Documentation Laboratory, with experts and professionals in the field, for carrying out private, out-of-court expert reports on documents whose material authenticity is in doubt or possible data alteration is suspected for fraudulent purposes.