Why more?
Because more is the opposite of less.
Because it's positive.
Because it speaks of adding and aggregating value.
And that has always been our core philosophy.
Give more.
Know more.
Strive harder.
More products, more services.
More technology, more solutions, more digital assets.
More management, more humane.
More horizons, more challenges.
Because more than ever we are going to innovate.
Because more than ever we are going to dream.
More than ever we will look after
security, transparency and reliability.


Under the direction of the firm’s partners: Lic.* Natalia Heyd Muray and Lic. Milagros Heyd Murad, Managing Partner and Managing Director respectively. Joined by Eng. Eugenio Bonetti as COO and Bárbara Heyd Murad, who leads the Creative Department and is also a member of the Family Counsel.

At +LATINA, we are proud to have a highly qualified team of professionals and staff in different areas, as we strive to work jointly and passionately everyday to achieve the company’s goals. We are aware that our biggest asset is not just knowledge, but talent and team effort.

To honor this, we permanently implement training and human development policies to empower and facilitate our staff’s continuous growth. More than anything, our focus lies on fostering collaborative efforts to ensure high perfoming teams.

Above all, we view our team members as human beings, thus nurturing a proper work-life balance. We appreciate our staff’s family being part of some of the company’s activities.


We believe that the strength of our team is based on trust, built not only with respect, but also with commitment, empathy, listening and synergy.

This can be appreciated in our work environment survey, which we carry out every year with excellent results, and even more so in the commitment and good humor of our teams, something that is always highlighted by those who visit us.

At +LATINA we are more than a work team, we are family. Over the years we conquered big dreams, together. In this new stage of the company, we are, without a doubt, ready for much more.


Evolution comes from within, and there is no part of our company that is not influenced by the changes that constantly make us improve. We rely on cutting-edge technology because it allows us to meet our objectives with excellence and utmost security. Our work is backed by a solid infrastructure that is strengthened year after year.


  • 2,000 m² Printing Plant
  • New 625 m² distribution center
  • Comfortable and modern administration and sales offices
  • High security vaults - Treasury to store valuables
  • Closed warehouses for supplies
  • Restricted areas
  • Private Surveillance
  • Strict access controls with biometric systems
  • Closed circuit TV with 24 hour recording and remote control
  • Alarm system with monitoring and smoke detectors
  • Area protected by medical service
  • Own vehicles with custody
  • National Logistics


Our Security is built on professionalism and trust. As specialists in Document Security, we have our own documentation Laboratory with proper experts in the field.

Within it we carry out expert reports on documents, testing of high-security supplies, quality controls and we implement Research and Development projects.


We have high security Vaults, built especially for this purpose. These are equipped with double security doors and restricted access systems with biometric data and closed circuit surveillance. Inside they have metal racks where closed boxes of documents are stored, in an airconditioned environment with controlled temperature and humidity.

Thus, we are able to provide storage and custody services for documents that need to be safely protected, not only from criminal agents who may try to adulterate, steal or damage documentation, but also from natural agents that can be highly corrosive if the adequate space and storage conditions are not met.



Ours is a history of service, dedication and teamwork. This allows us to be leading the document security market in the region presently. We have more than 25 years of experience and we are also backed by the seven-decade trajectory of the Heyd Murad family in the field overall.

We do what we are passionate about. We grew up with it, discovering each of its secrets, always assuming the maximum commitment. Ours is a long history of constant improvement that has been enriched thanks to an ever-growing team of professionals. From the visionary first steps taken by Celso Heyd and Irene Murad, to the current company led by their daughters Natalia and Milagros, with an international presence... this has been a long journey, that has no signs of stopping. With our firm in constant expansion, challenges are renewed and motivate us every day. An invaluable legacy that drives us to go even further.

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